BBQ Steak Branding Metal Tool with Changeable 55 Letters

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  • Item: Personalised BBQ Steak Branding Metal Tool
  • Type: BBQ Grill Tools
  • Features
    • Easily Cleaned : It can be easily cleaned due to  its ergonomic design
    • Non-Stick : Doesn't stick on steak/meat while stamping /branding
    • Heat Resistant : It is Resistant to heat and can withstand high cooking temperatures
    • Personalised experience : Comes with easy to change  55 letters for personalisation 
    • Light weight : Uses Aluminium alloy for lightweight, strength and durability
  • ColorSilver 
  • Size43cm length(17 inch) 

"The Secret to Creativity is Knowing how to Hide your Sauces"- Albert Einstein

Let people know it was you who cooked their Steaks to Perfection. 


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